What We Do

IUTEX , started in 1962, is a group of companies doing business in pan India, with manufacturing facilities.

Some of what we do:

  • We manufacture softeners for polyster/cotton, acrylic and blended fabrics.
  • We Manufacture silicon softeners for polyster, acrylic, cotton, mink blankets, supersoft etc.
  • Manufacture printing gums like temrind, guar locust bean gums
  • Manufacture printing thickeners for reactive & disperse printing.
  • Supply latest compounds for carpets, rugs, beding & other application.
  • Manufacture photo emulsions, spa, haromers for screen printing application.
  • Provide synthetic mesh-polyster, nylon, mix both imported & indegenovs, in a various thread diameters & widths upto 144"
  • Provide pH buffer like citric acid, acidic acid and green acid used in textile industries.
  • Manufacture blanket adhesives like LT, HT, MT for flat bed & table printing.
  • Manufacture printing frames & S/S magnetic rods for printing machines like keycheng & zimmer.
  • Provide nickle screens for rotary printing.
  • Provide substitue of urea in printing application

We are happy to serve our customers with quality products & solutions.

Please call us with your questions and requests.

We “THANK YOU” for visiting our website.